Out of bounds sellers are sellers who fall outside of your minimum and maximum price range. Choosing to ignore out of bound sellers means that these sellers will be ignored. This is helpful for situations in which a retailer is listed as selling the same product as you, but, in reality, is selling a lower quality product, and can, therefore, set a lower price. Take for example if your current maximum selling price is $30 and your minimum is $20, but a lower quality competitor is priced at $15. Such a situation could normally push your price down to the minimum ($20), but if you choose to ignore out of bound sellers your price will not be affected by your pricing at all.

An out of bounds competitor is a competitor that falls outside of your min and max pricers

Where to find the ignore out of bounds sellers option


  • Choose the Repricing Rules tab on the left
  • Click Create a Repricer on the top right
  • Within Advanced options you will find Out of bounds sellers
  • Decide if you want to compete against all merchants or ignore out of bounds sellers
  • Click Create Repricer once you are satisfied with your decisions for that repricing rule



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