automatically reprices your Amazon listed products.

Your strategy can be targeted at your competitors and/or based on your products’ current performance and characteristics. By using you can implement competitive repricing to improve your chances of winning Amazon's buy box.

How works is the only repricer on the market that is a trusted Amazon Partner.

It receives updates from Amazon when there is a change on a competitor’s listing, and will react by repricing your products according to the strategy settings you’ve specified. Moreover, unlike most repricers on the market also reprices up when you can beat your competitors at a higher price, protecting you from a race to the bottom. interacts with Amazon's API, so once a change takes place, it is notified within 90 seconds. This means every time one of your competitors changes their price or goes out of stock, your strategy will immediately kick into place.

What the price includes prices at the Landed Price, that is the total cost of the product to the consumer (inclusive of all costs, tariffs, and charges) plus the shipping cost.

What are events and events per minute

Events are competitor changes that trigger information to be sent to An example of such an event is when is notified when a competitor’s SKU changes price.

Events Per Minute refers to the number of events that will process every minute in relation to your product SKUs.

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