The Velocity Repricer enables you to Reprice your products based on its inventory levels, so you can increase your sales on products for which you don’t have competitors.

What is Velocity Repricing

If you’re a private-label seller or are the only seller on a particular Amazon ASIN, Velocity Repricing allows you to keep your stock moving by pricing intelligently based on sales demand.

Note: It is important to note that velocity repricing will only kick in when you have no competitors on a SKU. 

Just set your desired sales velocity target - quantity of stock sold over a period of time - and every 24 hours, we will increase or decrease your price based on the number of units you have sold in the preceding time frame you choose.

Setting Up Velocity Rules:

1) Click on the Repricing Rules tab in the left-side navigation bar, go to the Velocity Repricing Rules option on the drop-down bar, and click on +Add Velocity Repricer Rule.

2) Set your desired Pricing movement and amount/percentage.

3) Set your desired sales Velocity target.

4) Click Create Sales Velocity Rule.

5) You can add additional Velocity Repricing Rules to cover all scenarios. Use the sequence arrows to change the order in which the Velocity Repricer will reprice, just like Competitor Rules. Once everything is as desired, click and Save.

Assigning Velocity Rules 

Attaching a Velocity Rule to an existing Standard Rule

You can attach a Velocity Rule to an existing Standard Rule via the Velocity Repricer dropdown option in the Scenarios subheading of the Advanced Options. 

This option works best for products that currently have little competition, and would like the repricing to continue to be automated once all competition is gone. Once the competition on the product is gone, then the Velocity Rule that is attached will kick in.

Assigning the Velocity Rule to your Products

You can also assign the Velocity Rule to your products in the products page, via CSV or manually. Click below in the What’s Next section to find out how to do so.

What’s Next?

Find out how to assign repricing rules, including velocity, to your inventory here