Using the Replicator feature in your xSellco repricer allows you update your Amazon pricing changes to the following channels:

eBay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Sears, Mirakl, Newegg, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Fnac.

This allows you to keep your prices consistent across all your sales channels as your Amazon prices fluctuate, to save you hours of time.

Note that the Replicator function is not a separate repricer for other marketplaces, it will simply replicate pricing changes from Amazon to your other channels.

Step 1: Create your Repricer Replicator

  • In the Repricer tab, go to Replicator in the left side menu, and select the Add Repricer Replicator button in the top right corner.

Locate repricing replicator

  • Click the Active button to activate your replicator.
  • In Source Channel, select the Amazon channel that you would that to copy prices from.
  • In Destination Channel, select the Channel that you would like to copy your prices to. 
  • In Destination Price Variation, you can choose whether you would like to automatically increase or decrease your prices by an amount or percentage when they are copied from Amazon. You can use the up and down buttons to signify an increase or decrease. If you would like your prices to stay the same as your Amazon channel, simply put 0 in this box. Note that you will be able to apply default pricing increases or decreases for individual SKUs later. 

Add new repricer replicator

  • Once you are happy with your settings, click Create Replicator.

Step 2: Sync your products

Once you have created your Replicator, the next step is to match your Amazon SKUs to the same products on your chosen channel using a CSV upload. Once you have done this, you will only have to repeat this process for new SKUs.

  • Go back to the Replicator section in your Repricer, and select the Replicator which you have just created. 
  • Click the Download Replicator CSV Template link to download your CSV file.

Download replicator csv template

  • Once you have downloaded your CSV file, open the template in either Microsoft Excel or a similar application. 

Here is a definition of each field in the CSV template:

source_sku: Your Amazon SKU
destination_sku: The SKU which matches that Amazon product on your chosen channel
min_price: The minimum price you might like to apply to an individual SKU
max_price: The maximum price you might like to apply to an individual SKU
beat_by_amount: The default amount above or below your Amazon price for an individual SKU.
beat_by_type: The type of increase or decrease you would like to apply (Amount / Percent)

  • The SKUs from your existing Amazon inventory will be automatically pulled into the 'source_sku' column. If there are SKUs that you don't want to copy prices from, you can simply delete them from the file. 
  • The same Amazon SKUs have also been automatically populated into the 'destination_sku' column. If your destination channel's SKUs are different, you will need to manually enter the SKU for that channel that matches the Amazon product in the left column. 

Once you are confident that each SKU corresponds to the the same product, the columns on the right will allow you to enter individual pricing rules for certain SKUs. 


In the example below, you can see that I have added individual min and max prices for my destination channel. For the blue mini bmx, I added a default price of 5% above my Amazon pricing for this product. If I wanted to indicate a 5% decrease, I would simply enter -5 in this field.

upload replicator csv

  • Once you have completed your CSV file. Go back to your Replicator and click Upload CSV.
  • When your CSV is uploaded, click Save changes

Upload replicator csv

Congratulations! Any price changes to the Amazon SKUs in your uploaded file will now be updated to the corresponding SKUs on your other channel.

When you add new Amazon inventory, new SKUs in your Amazon catalog will be automatically pulled into the next CSV template that you download. Simply go back to your replicator, download the CSV and repeat Step 2 for new products.  

Follow this simple process again to create a Replicator for any other channels. 

Got questions about using the Repricer Replicator or any other xSellco features? Get in touch at