In our dashboard, we populate graphs to give an overview of your account. At the top of each of our dashboard pages, there will be a date range. The data will be populated from this date range and any analysis will be compared to the same time frame in the past.



In our orders dashboard, we can view our Sales overview. With this overview, we can also view data from a certain channel. As shown in the image below this will show our Sales value, Orders and Average Order Value.



In our next graph, we have our orders heatmap which can show our busiest time for orders.

This can be quite useful if we wanted to be more aggressive repricing when we get more orders as this seems to be a prime time for buyers to be online.
In the image below can see we were busiest between 5-6pm:


You can also filter this as shown:


Channel Sales is our final graph on this page which shows a breakdown of all of our marketplaces that are linked of sold and value.




BuyBox Predictor

Our Buy Box Predictor assess your chances of winning the buy box based on the industry bet standards.

By clicking of High, Low or Medium you can go directly to these products and make any adjustments you think may be necessary.




Our status box shows you how your account is running. First, we can see if your products are Repricing or repricing was turned off. Then we can see how many Amazon products we have imported from your store. Rules and prices set indicate how many of your products have been set up to rerprice. Need attention is the opposite as it shows how many products have not been set up to reprice. Price Alert is a nice feature as it shows your minimum price is higher than the lowest price for these products with your current pricing strategy.

These are all very useful and can be selected to bring you directly to those products they target.


Repricing Events

This tracks any time, any competitor changes their price we are notified. We will either reprice your product up or down or sometimes not at all if you have set your rules this way. The standard events on your account in 600 events per minute. 




BuyBox Possession

This graph shows your buy box possession. From when you have owned to not owned and some owned being if you changed ownership through that period.




Best Sellers/ Most Profitable/ Least Profitable 

With these you will see the title, SKU how many is sold and the profit from these products.



Profitability Trend 

You can track your overall profitability form Profitable sale to unprofitable sales and any unknown sales are usually those that do not have cost provided so we can not track if they have been profitable or not.



If you have any questions about the Repricer Dashboard, feel free to contact one of our repricing experts at and we’ll be happy to assist you.