xSellco Repricer includes a powerful feature called ‘Tracking’ – which allows you to see the price movements of your SKUs over time, Buy Box ownership, detailed insights of each of your SKUs, and much more.


Important Information

  • This section has certain restrictions on the repricing period

    • 30 Days available to Ultimate users

    • 7 Days available to Plus users

    • 24 Hours available to Basic users

Tracking Breakdown

  • Getting to this feature
  • Tracking dashboard
    • Price Movement
    • Sales Trend
    • Adjust Pricing strategy
    • Buy Box Owners
    • Repricing Rules


Getting to Tracking

Tracking identifies trends in your price changes, how your competitors react to your price changes, and your percentage of Buy Box ownership versus your competitors.

Directions: Repricer> Tracking

Tracking can be accessed wherever you see the tracking button.


Tracking dashboard

With this valuable information, you can then adjust your repricing strategy to own the Buy Box more often.

The graphs are customizable, you can change the period by clicking on the time period buttons depending on your xSellco Repricer plan as mentioned above.

The Tracking dashboard provides you with the information you need to beat your competitors to the Buy Box.

Access the most insightful data about your product’s performance on Amazon, including:

  • Price movements over time versus competitors
  • Buy Box price range data – instantly adjust your price to match this range
  • Buy Box owners – see who wins the Buy Box for this product most often
  • Sales trends
  • Which repricing rules are winning, and not winning, the Buy Box


Price Movement

In the Price Movement graph, you can analyze recent Price Movements for your SKU, price movements for competitors, Buy Box price history, the number of sellers you’re competing with, lowest and highest price, sales rank and more.

You can use this information to assess how you’re reacting to competitor changes and optimize your pricing strategy.

You can turn each metric (line on the graph) on and off by clicking on its name in the legend above the graph – allowing you to closely analyze the relationship between every metric.



Sales Trend

Although the first graph shows Buy Box ownership and Sales Rank, it does not show resulting sales. Therefore we have added a sales chart that shows your sales in terms of both total orders and revenue. We only display your sales information as we do not have access to competitor sales data.



Adjust Pricing strategy

You can quickly adjust your pricing strategy by clicking on the “Adjust Pricing Strategy” button. A pop up screen will allow you to quickly modify max and min prices and change the repricing rule associated with the SKU.

BuyBox Owners

Here you can see how BuyBox ownership is shared for this product. From between yourself, other sellers and Amazon.

  You can also see the frequency of BuyBox wins for each seller.

  The numbers and percentages shown refer to repricing events
  rather than time. Repricing events are created when a
  competitor changes their price.
  These give a great guide to your performance.


  You can use this information to set rules targeting
  specific competitors.

  Simply click on the competing seller to create
  a specific rule to target this merchant.



Repricing Rules

This section allows you to determine the best repricing rule for a specific product.

In the example below, you can see two rules have been active for this product, and see the first repricing rule has been more effective in winning the Buy Box.



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@xsellco.com.