Each seller on Amazon has their own unique Seller/Merchant ID. With the Repricer we can target these sellers using this Merchant ID with different strategies

Important Information

  • To compete against amazon type AMAZON into the merchant ID field
  • When adding multiple merchants to the list, put each merchant ID on a new line​


Merchant Exception Options


Ignore Altogether

This option is added to your entire repricing strategy which means it will apply to all of your competitors rules and your default rule. To fill this in it can be found within your repricing strategy in the advanced options as shown below.

Directions: Repricer Product Page>My Repricers>Select your Repricer>  Show Advanced Options>Ignore the following merchants


Target Individually

Or you can add Merchant Exceptions to your individual competitor rule to target them individually. There are three options you can choose within this field;

Include all: this is the default setting and will apply the rule you are making to every competitor.

Include the following: entering merchants on this setting will include only the specific merchants you have listed.

Ignore the following: merchants listed in this setting will not be included when this rule is being applied.

Find the option with the directions below.

Directions: Repricer Product Page>My Repricers>Select your Repricer>Create Competitor Rule>Merchant Exceptions

If you would like to learn more about competitor rules click here.


How do I find a merchant ID?

The quickest and easiest way to find the merchant/seller ID of your top 10 competitors is to use our competitors tab. Follow the directions below to access your competitors tab.

Directions: Repricer Product Page>Competitors

To find out more about the competitors tab go here.


If your competitor seller is not found here you can then go to their store. There in their URL you will see something like the following. The merchant ID is the 14 unit code (made up of both numbers and letters) beginning with A, at the end of the link. It will also be found after “seller=”


Copy and paste this ID into the merchant exceptions field.

If you have any questions about setting up the Merchant Exceptions you can get in touch at support@xsellco.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.