Once you sign up for xSellco Price Manager you will be presented with the different regional Amazon channels you can link to your account. This guide will bring you through this process.


Important Information

  • As an official Amazon Web Services partner, our software is hosted by Amazon and ensures we respond instantly to price changes.

  • Our triple check safeguards ensure that you never sell below the minimum price you set. We guarantee it.

  • Your account must be a pro seller account to allow configuration.


Breakdown of setting up Repricer

Selecting your Amazon store

Our first step requires access to the Amazon Marketplace Webservices (MWS) API. As a verified Amazon partner, we will only have secure access to limited information; we cannot access your login details or other confidential information.

All Amazon stores must be added separately ie. If you sell on Amazon UK and Amazon US these must be added separately. Once added there is no further configuration necessary.

Select an Amazon store and you will need to login to your Amazon account for this connection to be made.

Signing up for MWS

Once logged in, you will be directed to your Amazon Marketplace Webservices (MWS) License Agreement page. To authorize Amazon's MWS terms and allow the connection to xSellco. Read this agreement and tick to accept. Tick the second box to allow xSellco to connect to your Amazon account.  Then click next.

Click the continue button to return back to xSellco Repricer.


Configuring xSellco

Now the connection has been made to Amazon, we need to configure our products in xSellco. These settings will not go live until you confirm and review and can be changed within the tool at any time. In this guide we will choose the advanced setup. 


Set prices

From here we will need to set up our minimum and maximum prices in xSellco. This gives xSellco a range to reprice between. Here is a brief description of these two fields.

Minimum price (My Lowest Price)

This will be the lowest we will reprice your product at so ensure this is competitive and above your combined costs.

Maximum price (My Highest Price)

This will be the highest we will reprice your product. So if there are no competitors on a product you can choose to jump up this price. Make sure this is still a sellable and competitive price.

In this quick setup we can assign our minimum and maximum prices based on our current price. You can go above/below your current price by percentage/amount.


An example of setting your minimum and maximum prices based on Percentage and Amount can be found if you click the learn more link. You can adjust these examples

If you are unsure of a minimum price within your means you can always put in “0” as the lowest price and your current price will be your minimum price.

Once you have completed this step, all of your products will be set with these minimum and maximum prices in xSellco. Nothing will go live as we have not decided our strategy on how we want to compete which is the next step.


Now we have selected our range for repricing we need to create our strategy. Our strategy can be created by constructing rules.

Here we have the opportunity to decide how we will reprice when a competitor changes their price. We have the ability to again choose if my want to go above/below and if we want to choose an amount or percentage. The most frequent rule would probably be going .01 amount below your competitor. You also have the ability to match by placing 0.

REMEMBER: This is the strategy. xSellco will never reprice below the minimum and maximum prices we set in the last step.


Now we have the option to activate all of our settings.

If we are happy with our settings but don’t wish to go live straight away we can always untick the box “Start repricing after setup completes”


Finally click the finish button to complete.

Now we will be brought back to our channel page. Here you can add more Amazon stores or click “OK, I’m done”.

All of your products are now visible in xSellco, however if you have a large inventory we may still be importing some products as Amazon has certain limits in place we must abide to.