An SLA (Service Level Agreement), establishes the period of time in which your agents should respond to tickets. In your xSellco helpdesk it's easy to stay on top of your target response times with the SLA counter, which prioritizes tickets based on how long you have left to respond before breaching your targets.

On each of your channels you may have different target response times. For example; on Amazon you have 24 hours to respond, whereas on social media, you may want to ensure agents respond within 1-2 hours.

Firstly follow the directions below:

Directions: Settings>Channels>Select Channel>Helpdesk

Scroll through the Helpdesk section, go to SLA mode. Here, you can choose from two options:

Marketplace specific SLA
This means that xSellco will count every hour towards your targets. 'Company SLA' means that xSellco will only count the hours that your team is on the clock.

Company SLA
This means that xSellco will only count the hours that your team is on the clock. Note that the option to set a Company SLA will only appear if you have set your business hours in your xSellco helpdesk settings.

If your SLA target is to comply with marketplace requirements (e.g. Amazon), choose Marketplace specific SLA, if you are setting your own target (e.g. for social media/email) choose Company SLA.

In SLA response time, enter your target response time in hours.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Save Changes.

Tickets that are not responded within the targets that you have set will be marked as Overdue in your Messages dashboard.

Now you have set your SLA times you can view your response time analytics here.

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