‘Reports’ in xSellco Repricer allows you to identify actionable insights to help you beat your competition and win the Buy Box more often.

Identify products that could be sold at a higher profit, monitor sales increases and decreases and determine changing sales trends for your products.


Reports Breakdown


Getting to reports

Quickly access and download key information about your sales performance, and use the insights from these reports to refine your repricing and sales strategies.

With ‘Reports’, you can access key data on a number of aspects of sales, including sales velocity, historical performance by product, SKUs that have and have not sold in the past seven days, out-of-stock listings, FBA listings and much more.

Directions: Repricer>Reports

Using reports

Now you will be able to see the complete list of available reports which you can view or download instantly. Access and download multiple reports relating to Sales, Inventory and Fulfilment channels.


You have access to many useful reports, including Top Sellers, Sales Velocity increase & decrease, products not sold in 7 days, out of stock, FBA and more.


If you select a certain report, you will be able to see product performance within that report.

From here, you can access ‘Tracking’ for each SKU to see how it performs over time, see your biggest competitors and adjust your repricing strategy.

To learn more about Tracking you can view our guide here.


If you have any questions about reports, feel free to contact us at support@xsellco.com