Our Bulk Actions tool allows you to apply repricing information to your products. This information includes assigning a repricer, assigning min/max prices and downloading a CSV template.


Using the Bulk Actions tool

Before using this tool you can select group of products to apply these changes with the following steps. If you want to use this tool on your entire inventory you can skip this step.


Directions: Product page>Search bar arrow>Add Filter>Advanced Search

When you have chosen your parameters click “Advanced Search”.


Click on the blue “Bulk Actions” button in the top right hand corner and select “Assign a Repricer” from the dropdown menu.

Directions: Product page>Bulk actions

Once you have selected the bulk actions tool you have the following actions that can followed.

Assign a Repricer

A repricer is our strategy. Choosing which competitors you would like to compete with and how we want to compete will be how we set up our rule. This allows you to assign a repricing strategy to your inventory.

Algorithmic Repricing

The algorithmic repricer is a pre-programmed set of rules that are constructed based on best industry knowledge of the weighting of different metrics used on Amazon.

Assign min/max prices

Your Minimum and Maximum prices give xSellco a range to reprice between. Minimum price will be the lowest we will reprice your product at and your Maximum price will be the highest we will reprice your product. To learn more about your min/max prices click here.

Download CSV template

The CSV file contains data in a structured table which are separated by commas hences the name of the CSV file meaning comma separated values. These files can be opened in spreadsheet applications but must be always saved as the type .csv. To learn more about CSV files click here.


After selecting your setting from the dropdown menu.

A popup box will appear for you to select one of the two options below.

  • Assign repricer to selected items.
  • Only assign repricer to items with no repricer set

If we have used the advanced search or not usually we will choose the first option. However if we wanted to target the products which have no repricer attached we could choose the latter option.

Directions: Product page>Bulk actions>Choose an action

After following these directions you will be able to quickly update your inventory with the Bulk Actions tool. If you would like any further assistance place contact our support team here support@xsellco.com