Using the analytics dashboard, you can get a clear view of your team's average response times on each channel and how often you are meeting or breaching your SLAs.

To access your response time analytics follow the directions below:

Directions: Dashboard>Helpdesk>Response Times.

In the main dashboard, select the date range that you would like to view and hit Apply.

You will now see a breakdown of your response times, SLA compliance per channel, your average overall response time and the length of time it takes to answer queries based on the Ticket type.


Main Response Times dashboard

See your average first response time and SLA compliance per day. Hover over to see the breakdown on this particular days. Also see the average first response time, average response time, SLA breaches and SLA compliance in this time frame at the bottom of this graph.

Time breakdown  

See the amount of responses broken down by their response times. This is a quick way to see which bracket the majority of your responses fall into. This can also be broken down into first responses and all responses.


Ticket types

Here you can see the average response time broken down per query type. This gives a bird's eye view of which query types are taking the longest to resolve so that you can take this into account when assessing your agents' performance. Again this can be broken down into first response and average response.


SLA compliance per channels

Lastly, get a percentage breakdown of how often you have stayed within your SLA targets on each of your sales channels.

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