frequently asked questions

I just signed up. Where are my products?

After sign up it typically takes 30 minutes to import all of your inventory from Amazon. This is done automatically.


How do I add new stock to xSellco Repricer?

List your products on Amazon as normal. xSellco Repricer will sync up every 12 hours.


Why is my price not updating?

If you run out of stock then the price is no longer updated.


How often do you update stock levels?

Every 12 hours.


Why does xSellco Repricer show less products than I have on Amazon?

To avoid cluttering the system with legacy items, xSellco Repricer only import products that have stock.


The dashboard does not seem to show the correct number of products.

The dashboard counts only products that have stock. You may have additional products that have run out of stock.


When do price updates occur?

xSellco Repricer updates a product’s price when you change individual min/max price or a competitor adjusts their price. We also sync with Amazon every 12 hours and re-evaluate all pricing with that data.


How does algorithmic repricing work?

The algorithmic repricer tracks buy box ownership of various seller types, e.g. those using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) versus those that do not, across all xSellco Repricer accounts. Your product pricing is then constantly adjusted to maximise profitability subject to your defined minimum. Manual compete rules can alternatively be used if you want finer control of individual product prices.