The Helpdesk ticketing system allows you to keep track of your customer conversations from all your sales channels in one screen. This guide will show you around your a ticket.


Steps Replying to messages


Choosing a Reply

Once inside a ticket by clicking on any message in your Helpdesk you can choose how to respond. In the top right hand corner you can see the different ways to respond.

Reply - this is the direct reply to the customer

Note - can be used internal messages or for messages to other agents.

Snooze - if this messages does not need to be answered right away you can snooze it to come into your inbox later.

External Messages - sometimes you may need to contact someone outside of the system regarding this ticket. The external message can be used for this.

Once you have selected one of these options. You will be brought to the reply box at the end of the ticket. Here you can begin to type in your message.


Inside a message

Once at the reply box at the end of the ticket, you can begin to type in your message.

However, if you have created snippets or templates, you can use a quick shortcut to access them.

Snippets are brief blocks of text that you can use to reply in your account. An example of a snippet could be product information or your company address. Also, some snippets are already built in to pull in information from an order.

To learn more about snippets click the here.

Templates are the fully formed message to reply. An example of a template could be a reply to where is my order.

To learn more about templates click here.

To pull these into your reply type '#' to see a list of your snippets. First we can see our built in snippets. We can type out the snippet to find it quicker.

Then you can either select or press enter to insert it into your message.

For templates to appear press tab. You can type out the template name here and like the snippet you can either select or press enter to insert it into your message.

Also in the message you have the option to add an attachment if needs be. Please note in you are replying through certain marketplaces they may restrict attachments or their size.


Before you send your reply you can see that we save a draft of your reply if you are pulled away from this message it will be here when you return.

Then as we go to send we have defaulted the message to send and close the ticket. However if you would like to keep the ticket open but note that you have responded to it you can turn “Close Ticket” off.  

When we click send the message will be queued to send. We can also see that the ticket status has changed to resolve. The ticket will only reopen if the customer replies.

After we have closed the ticket we can choose a few more actions.

If we want to reopen the ticket at a later stage to update the customer we can use the snooze button again.

Most likely though we will want to go on to the next ticket which we can do by clicking on the next arrow.

Now we can use what we have learned in this video to reply to our own tickets.

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