While RepricerExpress customers have been able to use Profit Protection options in their repricing rules, there is currently no equivalent in Repricer.com for the two Profit Protection options in RepricerExpress.

This means there are currently no Sleep Mode or Set Inactives to Max features available in Repricer.com, however, our development and product teams are working hard to ensure that the Sleep Mode feature will be added to Repricer.com in Q1 2021 so you can expect to be able to use this after your account has been migrated.

Repricer.com does, however, have an alternate feature that will be of use to some RepricerExpress users who would like to move products from one repricing rule to another. 

The Scheduler feature on Repricer.com allows you to schedule a time when products move between repricing rules.

For example, you may want your products to go to their Max price for a few hours each night and you can create a repricing rule to move to Max whatever the scenario, and use the scheduler to move the product to that 'Go To Max' Repricing Rule between 1am and 4am each day.