Our Minimum and Maximum prices give xSellco a range to reprice between. If you wish to rearrange your repricing range this guide will show you the different ways this is possible. Minimum price will be the lowest we will reprice your product at and maximum price will be the highest we will reprice your product.


Important Information

  • Minimum and Maximum prices include shipping

  • We will never reprice below your minimum or above your maximum


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If there is only one product you wish to adjust your Minimum and Maximum prices on you can this manually. Just select either the Minimum or maximum price and fill in the field the adjustment to be made. Once selected it will be activated.

Directions: Repricer>Products>My Lowest Price>Change


Bulk products

To assign the minimum and maximum prices to a select group of products, first we must filter with a search. Click the search filter drop-down arrow to show the marketplaces you can choose or select “Add filter” for any of the advanced filter options.


When you have chosen your parameters click “Advanced Search”.

Directions: Product page>Search bar arrow>Add Filter>Advanced Search

Then click on the blue “Bulk Actions” button in the top right hand corner and select “Assign Min/Max prices” from the dropdown menu.

In this popup box you will have two options below.

  • Assign min/max prices for all filtered skus
  • Assign min/max prices for all filtered skus without min/max prices set

Then we can choose to assign our min/max prices based on our current price. We can go above on below.

As we want to assign to our filtered items we will choose the first option. However if we wanted to target the products which may not have a repricer we could choose the latter option.


Exact Configuration

To adjust the minimum and maximum prices on your entire inventory. The bulk upload tool can be accessed as follows.

Directions: Dashboard>Repricer>Bulk Uploads


Select Download CSV template to view your products that have been uploaded automatically from your Amazon store into xSellco.

You should be able to open and edit this file in any spreadsheet application examples: Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets.

Once adjusted you can upload in two simple ways.  Firstly go back to the Bulk Uploads tool as mentioned above.

Simply drag and drop or select and add to upload.

If you seen the green notification message as displayed above your upload is complete.


Got questions? We’re happy to help! Get in touch with a Repricer expert at support@xsellco.com