In the left side menu of the messages dashboard, you will see a range of categories:

Within this column you have to segments Messages and Tools.


In this section will be all of our tabs that contain different messages from their status to if they are in folders to all tickets. Here is the information  each of the following messages tabs will provide.

My tickets
Open tickets that have been assigned to you.

Open tickets are tickets that have not been closed off. This can include messages that have not received a response (Needs Action) and tickets that have been responded to but left open (Waiting).

Tickets that have been snoozed will be viewable here. To learn how to snooze a ticket and more ways to reply to a message click here.

All closed/resolved tickets are archived in this tab.

Needs action
Messages that have not received a response whether they are new incoming messages or a continuing conversation which have not received a reply yet.

Tickets that have send by clicking send and the close ticket slider has been turned off.

Recently updated
Tickets that have been amended recently.


Tickets which have been bookmarked by you. To learn how to use Bookmarks, follow this short guide.

These are tickets which have been assigned to certain folders. To learn more about folders click here.



In this section you will find the tools to make your responses more efficient and streamlined. Each one of these tools can have an added boost to your accounts setup.

One of xSellco's unique time-saving features, using Snippets allows you to create personalized messages quickly, so you can send message templates without sounding like a bot! xSellco has a range of pre-built Snippets which pull in information like order details and customer name, but you can also create your own Snippets which act as mini templates to pull in common pieces of text that use often, like your company returns address. To learn more about Snippets click here.

The Templates section allows you to create your own templates to send fast responses to your most commonly asked questions. This is also where you create auto-responses. To learn more about the Templates tool click here.

This is where you can create rules to automatically assign messages to a folder or agent, or change a message to closed or open based on certain criteria. This feature enables you to make team collaboration even faster and keep your inbox super organized. To learn more about automating your inbox with rules click here.

Custom fields
Using Custom fields allows you to add additional information to the customer detail section in each ticket. This is a handy way to add specific information about a customer to so that the next agent can reply faster in even more context. To learn more about creating your own custom fields click here.

Within our Widget you can create a live chat to attach to any webpage. Live Chat empowers eCommerce sellers to break down barriers between online retailers and customers; respond instantly to customer support queries, save time and money on your business, and convert once-off customers into loyal ones. To learn how to set up your website Live Chat click here


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