The Google Shopping module makes it super easy to add your existing product feed to Google and to manage your campaigns.

After you have connected your chosen webstore to the Google Shopping module, you will start to see all of your products pulled into the Google Shopping Module's Products page.

Using the Products page

The Products page allows you to quickly view the Status (if your product is active or inactive on Google), Clicks (the number of times your ad has been opened), and Impressions (the number of times your product has shown on a search result) for each product. 

Filtering your product view

You can also filter the Products page using the following options:

  • Status: The current status of the product on Google Shopping. The options are:
    • Active: The product has been approved by Google and is currently active on its Shopping platform.
    • Inactive: The product has been approved by Google and is currently inactive on its Shopping platform.
    • Disapproved: The product has not been approved by Google and requires specific product data before it can be listed onto its platforms. Requirements include product unique identifiers, correct URLs, specific image settings, and more. Find out more about requirements here 
    • Pending: The product is currently waiting to be approved by Google.
  • Price: Filter by the current price of the products
  • Stock: Filter by stock levels (In Stock, Out of Stock, or All).
  • Warnings: Products that have previously had Warnings against them, but are still approved by Google.
  • Errors: Products that need attention as they have not been approved by Google

Listing and unlisting products

Clicking on an individual product will allow you to List or Unlist your products on Google.


You can also view sales and advertising data on each specific product.


What’s Next?

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