Integrate Woocommerce

When you integrate your WooCommerce account to xSellco Helpdesk you will be able to instantly receive and respond to customer support queries directly from xSellco Helpdesk. Connecting xSellco Helpdesk with your WooCommerce account is simple, and it will streamline your business on one easy to use platform. View all your new tickets in the xSellco dashboard. When you click on a support ticket, the customer details and order information are all instantly accessible. You can also open your WooCommerce account from within the ticket.

All you need to do is follow the five steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 1:

  • While logged into your xSellco account, click on the ‘Settings’ tab located on the top navigation bar
  • From the left side menu, select ‘Channels’

Add a channel

Step 2:

  • Click ‘Add Channels’ – a pop-up box will appear
  • Select ‘WooCommerce’ as your channel

Integrate Woocommerce with xSellco

Step 3:

  • Add in your WooCommerce website details in order to connect with xSellco Helpdesk
  • Add your ‘Website name’
  • Fill in your ‘Website address’
  • List your ‘Support email’
  • Identify your ‘Location’ and the ‘Currency’ you use
  • Click ‘Next’ to proceed

Setting up integration of woocommerce with xSellco

Step 4:

  • Fill in your WooCommerce ‘Hostname’
  • Find your ‘Consumer Key’ and Consumer Secret’ by selecting ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Keys/Apps’ in your WooCommerce account

woocommerce integration with xSellco

Step 5:

  • Your ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’ will be generated
  • Insert your ‘Consumer Key’
  • Add in your ‘Consumer Secret’ to the xSellco Helpdesk dashboard

Woocommerce API key for integration

Step 6:

  • Log in with your WooCommerce password
  • Select ‘Test WooCommerce Configuration’ to see the status of the integration
  • Click ‘Next’ to proceed

WooCommerce setup

Step 7:

  • Specify the chosen name of your business for email signatures in ‘From’
  • Fill out a support ‘E-mail signature’ for outbound support emails
  • Select ‘Finish’ to conclude your WooCommerce Integration with xSellco Helpdesk.

Woocommerce final integration

Congratulations, you’ve successfully integrated your WooCommerce account with xSellco Helpdesk.

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