Connecting VoloCommerce with xSellco Helpdesk

Integrating your VoloCommerce account with xSellco helpdes will mean that you can streamline all your customer queries in the one dashboard. xSellco helpdesk automatically generates all your customer details instantly, empowering your team with an efficient and intelligent customer support response. Just follow the simple steps and you’ll be set up in no time.

Step 1:

  • Log into your xSellco account, click on your ‘Account Options’ dropdown menu, and choose “Settings” from the options provided
  • Select “Company Settings” from the menu on the left.


Step 2:

  • In your Company Settings, scroll down to the ‘VoloCommerce’ section
  • Input your VoloCommerce ‘Account Name’, ‘API Username’ and ‘API Password’.

Collaborate better with xSellco Helpdesk internal notes

xSellco Helpdesk internal notes have now been integrated into VoloCommerce, making it easier to communicate to your customer support team. Write any notes or suggestions about customers for your staff in xSellco helpdesk internal notes so that your team can respond effectively and intelligently to your customers on one dashboard. Internal notes will cut down on customer support time by providing your team with the information they need instantly.


Streamlined internal notes will mean that your support teams will be on the same page, providing the best support to your customers.

Add Internal Notes to xSellco Helpdesk

  1. When in your Message dashboard, select a ticket
  2. Select ‘Internal Note’ tab above the reply body text
  3. After you have entered the note, choose ‘Add internal note’

xsellco internal note linnworks inventory

Are you having any issues with your VoloCommerce and xSellco helpdesk integration? If you need further help or details about your ‘API Username’ or ‘API Password’ contact customer support for further details.