A message in Feedback is the email that your customer will receive. 

Feedback allows you to create a rule using built in default rules or from scratch


Creating a rule 

  • Click on the 'Rules and Messages' section, from the page menu on the left side
  • Select the marketplace
  • Click "+ Create new rule", on the top right corner
  • Choose if you want to "Default marketplace rule" or "create a blank rule"
    • Creating a new rule from a template will automatically create a rule and give you 3 template messages to get you started.
      • Each template message is available in different languages eg: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
      • You can view, edit, delete and activate these messages easily.
    • Creating a blank rule will give you the opportunity to start a rule and create messages from scratch.
  • There are no conditions set until they are updated by you - this means the message will be sent every day, at every time, to everybody
  • In this section, you can target by channel, order criteria, product, fulfilment type and destination

Creating a message

  • Select the language of the message you are adding
  • Enter the message subject of the message - this will be sent to the customer
  • Enter the text of the message you want to send to the customer
    • Use # to add snippets eg: #customer_nammore (for more information on snippets see SnippetsAmazon snippets and eBay snippets)
    • Use the '+ Add New Translation' button - you must add the message body in that language and the system will select the correct language based on the marketplace)
    • Get creative! Format your message with colour, images. (Note: Formatting is not available for eBay messages)
    • If you use grammerly, disable it as it causes formatting issues when sending the message to the customer
  • Update the message settings (click here for more information on message settings)
  • Activate the message
  • Click Save 

Adding a message to an exisiting rule 

  • Click on the 'Rules and Messages' 
  • Choose which marketplace
  • Click on a rule that has already been created
  • Click on '+New Message'

Activating the rule and message

Messages will not automatically send to a customer

  • You need to activate the message AND the rule in order for it to send
  • If your message is active but your rule is inactive, the message will not send
  • If your message is inactive and your rule is active, the message will not send


Want some ideas for messages you could create and send to your customers?

  • Ask for a product review to get a higher sales rank in Amazon
  • Send out a manual to ensure your customer understands your product (Attach the manual as a PDF to the message, Send 7 days after dispatch date)
  • Send message notifying the order has been dispatched
  • Enquire on the upkeep of the product
  • Check if your customer needs extra accessories based on the initial product they purchased
  • Thank the customer for their purchase
  • Ask the customer for a product or company review


eBay messaging does not allow html messages to be sent

This means that eBay messages cannot be formatted (bold, fonts, images etc.)



  • By simply typing # in your message, you will see a list of lots of snippets you can add to your message
  • The information that populates in the email we send to the customer is related to the specific order, so you don't need to search for order specific details
  • As an example, include the snippet #customer_first_name# - If your customer's first name is John, he will receive a personalised message with his name John written in the text
Tag Description Sample value
#customer_full_name# Customer's full name John Smith
#customer_first_name# Customer's first name John
#customer_surname# Customer's surname Smith
#customer_user_name# Customer's marketplace user name Johns89
Tag Description Sample value
#order_id# Marketplace order id 123-4567890-1234567
#marketplace# Marketplace name Amazon
#shipping_address# Order's shipping address John Smith 15 - 17 Percy Place Dublin 4 Ireland
#billing_address# Order's billing address John Smith 15 - 17 Percy Place Dublin 4 Ireland
#shipping_carrier# The carrier of the shipment UPS
#shipping_tracking# Shipment tracking code 1Z88F42857152837588
#ordered_date# Time the order was placed at 1 July 2015
#dispatched_date# Time the order was dispatched at 2 July 2015
#estimated_delivery_date# Date the order is estimated to deliver 6 July 2015
#product_name# Product name of the first order line item GoPro HERO
#product_sku# Product SKU of the first order line item C9-GPH
#product_id# Product marketplace id of the first order line item (ASIN or ePID) B00NIYNUXO
#ordered_quantity# Ordered quantity of the first order line item 1
#product_price# Unit price of the first order line item $129.99
#shipping_price# Price paid for shipping $0.00
#total_price# Total order price $129.99
Tag Description Sample value
#product_link# Link to the first order line item's product page http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDHA-301-HERO/dp/B00NIYNUXO
#product_review_link# Link to the first order line item's product review page https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review?asin=B00NIYNUXO
#feedback_link# Seller feedback link https://www.amazon.com/gp/feedback/leave-customer-feedback.html/?order=123-4567890-1234567&pageSize=1
#order_link# Link to the customer's order on the marketplace website https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/summary/edit.html?orderID=123-4567890-1234567
#store_link# Link to the channel's store front page http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main?marketplaceID=&seller=
#unsubscribe_link# Link for the customer to unsubscribe from future feedback solicitation emails https://customer.xsellco.com/feedback/unsubscribe/NlR7d3T1STk_