New to xSellco Helpdesk is the ability to communicate and engage with customer queries on Facebook from directly within the Messages Dashboard.

People are now increasingly using Facebook to communicate with brands and ask questions and queries relating to pre and post sales. We understand the importance of delivering an easy way to integrate with Facebook so you can begin the conversation and convert those messages into sales. 

Connecting your Facebook account to xSellco Helpdesk is easy. Simply following these steps:

Log in to your xSellco Helpdesk account and:

  • Click the “Settings” button located under the ‘Account Settings’ dropdown menu.
  • Once in settings, select ‘Channels’ from the left hand side menu.
  • To connect with Facebook, click on the ‘Add channel’ button in the top right hand corner.

Facebook add new channel

  • The ‘Channel’ pop-up window will open and select ‘Facebook’ from the drop down menu

select facebook marketplace

  • Authorise xSellco to connect to your Facebook account. Click ‘Next Step’ and ‘Ok’ and we’ll start pulling in users posts and Direct Messages  into xSellco Helpdesk.

facebook xSellco trust message

facebook integration

  • When you return to the main Messages dashboard in xSellco Helpdesk, you will see your customer queries from Facebook populating in Messages. They will also be identified by the Facebook icon on the message channel.
  • There is also a dedicated Label called Facebook in the ‘Social’ folder group where you can quickly access all your Facebook messages.

Facebook Label Group

  • Click on a ticket to open the message. From here, you can reply, assign users, follow a user, add labels to the message, add internal notes and more.

FAcebook message response

It’s important to remember that when sending messages to customers from your account, some of your posts may be on public view. You can use Direct Messages to communicate more privately which is a great way to keep conversations secure.

Tip: Use the Sales Insights tab, if you need to view an order and send a message back to a customer with the order details attached. To do this:

  • Copy the customer email address into the search order field.
  • Click on the order you wish to create a ticket.
  • Once in the message window, you can see the customer & order details on the right hand side.
  • Add your text and any internal / external message.
  • When happy click send.
  • The customer & order details will now be attached with all future correspondence for this customer.

With xSellco Helpdesk, never miss another opportunity to provide amazing support on any of your channels. Don’t offer just ‘average’ support, give it the ‘wow’ factor.

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