Using autoresponders and templates in your Helpdesk allows you to make sure that no query ever goes unanswered. xSellco’s smart autoresponder with time delay makes it look like a real human reply, so you can automatically respond to queries without losing the human touch.

Templates Breakdown


Getting to Templates

To go to our create templates and/or autoresponders go to Messages which brings you to your Messages inbox and select Templates in the left side menu.

Directions: Messages>Templates

Sample Templates

To add a template from our samples just click the dropdown arrow beside it to “Create Message Templates from Our Samples”

Directions: Messages>Templates>Dropdown Arrow beside "Add Message Template"

Here we have a range of templates. Why not add them all to get started?

Basic settings

Template Name* - This is just a name to assist you in choosing the template and will not be presented to the receiver of the message
Available to use with - Here you can choose what function the template will have. Whether you would like it to be just a template available for your support agents to choose select “Support agent messages only”. Or if you would like to use this message as an autoresponder we can choose Auto-Replies only. Learn more about auto replies here. We do have the option where you can do both by having the message as an autoresponder and a template for your support agents. Then our last option is Rule only this can be used when you would like the message to be attached to a rule. To learn more about rules click the link under this video.
Template Type - allow you to use the template in different replies. Whether you would like that to be a consumer, internal or external reply. You can learn more about replying to messages in the link under this video.
Active Template - is a switch where you can turn templates off if they are no longer valid.


Message Template

Here you can choose the language of your template,. You can enter as many translations as you like. Helpdesk has an auto translate available but its is a software that translates the language for you. If you do have response translated by a member of your team we would recommend you add them here.

The subject can be added to your message but this will only appear if  you are initiating the message.

The message can then be added with the option to add an attachment if needs be. You will need to save your template and go back in to add an attachment. Please note in you are replying through certain marketplaces they may restrict attachments or their size.

Inbuilt Snippets
Within the message you can also use the inbuilt snippets to personalise your message. Snippets are brief blocks of text that you can use to pull in information from an order or from an email. All of the snippets that can be used ban be found in the blue box on the left hand side.

As you can see there are order related snippets. These can only be used if an order is attached to the message. To ensure an order is attached we can use the next section usage conditions.

Usage Conditions

In our next section we have usage conditions. These can be quite useful to ensure a message can only be used in certain circumstances. If your template does not appear in a message when you are searching for it, it may be that it doesn't meet the usage conditions. Here we can choose to only have this template available during the following conditions:

Channel - this can restrict the template to a certain channel you have added. Leave blank to have this template open to all channels.

Subject must contain - If you want to target certain messages that have a consistent subject you can fill it in here.

Query Type - here you can target message that fall into a specific query type. If you choose multiple they must have one of the query types you have selected.

Order Status - This is the usage condition that ensures we can use the inbuilt order snippets. The order must be at this current status for the template to be available.

Order fulfilment - Separates whether the template can be used for FBA or FBM orders.

Delivery Date - allows messages to only be sent within/outside the latest delivery date advised.

Can only be used if the ticket has never had a reply - Our last condition is can only be used if the ticket has never had a reply which ensure you are not repeating the same answer to a customer.

Autoresponder Options

These are only for use if you are creating an auto reply. If you would like further information on creating an auto reply click here.

Change the message status
Here we can choose if when we use the template it will automatically change the ticket status for us. The default is that it does not change the ticket status or we can change the status to open or closed after use.

Once you are happy with your settings, select Create Channel Message Template.

You can create as many types of templates as you like by following the steps above. To delete a template uncheck the Active Template box to move it to Inactive. To access the inactive ones, go to the select the Messages tab at the top of your screen > Templates. Then click the search bar > Add Filter > Active > No > Advanced Search.


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