Sometimes it can be difficult to find a ticket you were dealing with. With all your messages available in xSellco, how do you search for these messages? This guide will go through searching and  filtering your products.


Breakdown Search and Filters



The search bar can be found on the top right hand corner of the screen. Here you can type in any keywords related to your search such as:
Customer details (Name, Email, Phone number)

Order details (Product name, SKU, ID, Fulfillment type)

This can used in tandem with the filters.


Filters to Search

By clicking on the “Filter” button on the left hand side of the search bar you can also determine from a range of filters which tickets you would like to view.

Available filters:

Search terms
This will only appear if you have added any details into the search bar as mentioned above.

The Marketplace is the platform the message is coming from. Example: Amazon, eBay, eMail…
Once selected you will be able to choose:

By default we select all channels available in this marketplace, however you can also select these channels individually.

Ticket Status
This is the status the ticket is currently in. A ticket can only be in one status. This can include: Unresolved, Needs Action, Awaiting customer, Closed, Snoozed, Spam.

Assigned Agents
Agents correspond to any users you have in the system and selecting your users here would mean they have been assigned or added to the ticket.

Ticket Type
Each ticket that comes into the system will automatically generate a type either from the marketplace or by our system to assist in what the query will be regarding. This can range from “Order Query” to “Contact Form” and many more.

Also known as labels folders can be attached to a ticket. To learn more on how to create your own folders click here.

Ticket Created at
This identifies the time the ticket was made and brought into your Helpdesk.

Existing Customer
If this customer has purchased from your store previously.

You can choose as many of these filters as desired but remember the more you fill in the filtered the search will be.


Saving a Filter

Once you have chosen your search filter options you can choose to “Apply this filter” to view the result or choose to “Apply and save filter”.

If you chose to save you will need to provide a name for this filter and whether it should be public. Public would allow all of your agents/users to view and use this filter.


Using a Filter

To use a saved filter click on your filter button as shown above. Then in the filter pop up screen you will we any saved filters in the left hand column.

Here you can select, edit and apply any saved filter. You can also delete by selecting the trash can beside the filter.


If you have any questions about the Search and Filters option in Helpdesk or if you require any assistance in setting up your own filter presets, feel free to contact one of our Helpdesk experts at and we’ll be happy to assist you.