After creating your rule and message, you can edit the setting to ensure that the messages you create are sending to the customers you want.


How to view and edit a rule's settings?

  • Click into 'Rules and messages' 
  • Click into a rule you have created
  • Click between tabs: 'Channels', 'Order', 'Product', 'Fulfillment' and 'Destination' to access the settings
  • Feedback requests are sent to everyone by default but you can target your emails to a certain group of customers
    • EG: Create a rule that only sends messages to Amazon UK, for products ABC and XYZ, and country must be United Kingdom
  • Save changes

Just bear in mind that the more rules and restrictive settings you set will lessen the number of emails you send, thereby reducing your chances of generating more feedback.



Channels – Specify which of your channels (i.e. marketplaces) you want the message to go to. For example, if you have channels in multiple regions with different languages, you may not want to send a message in English.

Ordered between – You can select to send the message for orders that were sent between selected dates, either in the past or for future orders

Order Value – Select value of orders you want to send messages about

Returning customer – You can select whether or not you want to target returning customers, depending on how many purchases they have already made with you. For example, if they are a regular customer, you may not want to continually send them the same message

Product Condition – Amazon Only! You can make sure messages are sent only for products in certain conditions.

Product Name – You can send a tailored message depending on the name of the product ordered.

Product SKU – You can send a tailored message depending on the product’s SKU.

Product ASIN/IDs – You can send messages for specific ASINs (Amazon) and/or ePIDS (eBay). Please make sure that you enter the exact ASIN and/or ePID code.

Fulfillment Channel – Select either FBA or merchant fulfilled

Shipment service level– Select either Standard or expedited

Destination Country – Select country your message should or should not be sent to

State and region – Specify the state or region


Some settings are marketplace specific. eg: Product condition is available for Amazon, but not for eBay.

Please make sure you list them in order of preference from top to bottom, as xSellco feedback will determine which rule takes precedence based on where they rank in this list.