After creating your rule and message, you can edit the settings to ensure that the messages you create are sending to the customers you want

Viewing the messages

  • Go to Rules and messages
  • Select the rule 
  • Select the message

Here you can see the pop-up window displaying the language, subject, message body and settings

All settings are for this particular message and will not affect any other message associated with the rule 

You must update each message separately 

It is important to note that any order which matches the rule conditions will receive all messages (based on conditions) in the rule

Message body

  • You can add additional languages to the message
    • The body must be written in the chosen language
    • The system will send the correct language based on the market place e.g. Amazon DE will receive the German version
  • The subject is the one received by the customer 
  • The body of the message can be formatted and also contain publicly hosted images
  • You can add attachments once the rule has been created 
    • Please note eBay do not allow PDF attachments 

Message Settings 

  • When to send? … but not more than
    Choosing when to send is very important as you want to ensure the message corresponds to whether their order has arrived or not
  • Send on these days
    Sending your message only on certain days of the week can ensure it will be read. Here you can select which days of the week you would like this message to go out on
  • Send only between these times
    Similar to sending to customers on specific days you can choose to only send at certain times
  • Send to users with existing feedback
    Here you can choose whether to message customers that have not left feedback or have left a certain type of feedback
  • On-time delivery
    Here we can choose if the order dispatched on date matches your delivery configuration. Based on this we can choose if the delivery was dispatched on time or not
  • Order Tracking
    If your orders have tracking codes attached you can choose for the message to only send if these tracking codes are available
  • Send to users that have tickets
    You can select whether or not to send messages depending on whether they have previously corresponded with you as in if they don’t have any tickets for the order, if they don’t have any open tickets for the order or if they don’t have any tickets at all

Once you have added the conditions, you must activate and save the message