has allowed buyers to opt-out of receiving messages from sellers by changing settings in their account. This guide will provide all information on how it will interact with Feedback and Helpdesk.


Important Information

  • Buyers can't opt out of messages pertaining to Handmade or Custom orders.*

  • You will not be penalized for sending unsolicited messages to buyers who opted out of receiving unsolicited messages.*

  • It is still against Amazon's terms and conditions to incentivise reviews**


Managing (All automated no change)

If you use both Feedback and Helpdesk together, we are blocking these ‘bounce’ messages from being received in Helpdesk as to avoid your account from being cluttered. Also, these messages will automatically be pulled into your Feedback tool bounceback address to ensure you no longer contact the client.


Therefore buyers will not be contacted through your Feedback tool if they have have opted out. No changes need to be made to your account.