has allowed buyers to opt-out of receiving messages from sellers by changing settings in their account. This guide will provide all information on how it will interact with Helpdesk and Feedback.

Important Information

  • You will not be penalized for sending unsolicited messages to buyers who opted out of receiving unsolicited messages.*

  • Buyers can't opt out of messages pertaining to Handmade or Custom orders.*

  • It is still against Amazon's terms and conditions to incentivise reviews**

Opt out breakdown

Messages enforced

When we initiate communications to a customer that has opted out of receiving messages, you will  receive a ‘bounced’ email from Amazon in your email account that is connected to Amazon.

These messages are usually seen by Amazon as non critical which would be mostly messages you may wish to send in Feedback like the following:

  • Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews
  • Order, shipment, or delivery confirmation
  • Proactive customer service eg. product manuals, tips for using the product, FAQs
  • Out-of-stock, or delay notifications
  • Offers for alternate products

Your initial message will be sent and if you receive a bounceback message and forward it to your xSellco feedback email (as shown in the next step) you will block that client from future solicitation.


Managing bounceback emails

To ensure you no longer solicit these customers you will need to send these bounceback messages into xSellco which can be done very easily as found in the gif below.

  1. First find your bounceback address. This is unique for each channel so ensure you do not copy the same address for all your stores.
    Directions in xSellco - Settings>Channels>(Choose Amazon Channel)>High5

  2. Secondly paste this address into Amazon as follows.
    Directions in Amazon Seller Central - Settings>Notification Preferences> Messaging>Edit

  3. We will now block the buyer and cease feedback messages from being sent to them. This means you will not get charged for these messages. You will only contact those who have not opted out and therefore more likely to leave feedback.


With limited buyers not responding or criticizing the the solicitation of feedback they now no longer need to be a problem as they can block all sellers and allow you to solicit the majority of buyers who would love to leave feedback and more. The bulk of buyers enjoy follow ups on their orders and appreciate seller engagement. Sellers can still offer customer engagement with our tool to guide your buyers into the best customer experience.