As a user you can edit your own profile and how you see the application. Some of these settings are also editable by the Admin. If you wish to make admin changes you can do so here. 

Editing User Breakdown


User Settings

To access your user settings follow the directions below.

Directions: Settings>General> Account Settings



The following options are available in our general settings.

First and Last name area available to edit. This will be how you are recognised in the account. As any updates to tickets will be shown with this name.
This will be the your email which can not be edited and will be the email required for logging in.
Change Password
Here you can change your password if required to do so.
Upload a new photo
If you wish to change your avatar to a photo you can upload this here.  
Here you can choose which timezone this user will see the account in. Auto detect would base the timezone on the IP of the user.
Preferred Language
If a user would like to change their language from the default English to another language. This would just change the xSellco application into the preferred language.



Your application can be edited to your favourite colour combination. You can use the colour chart or if you know the Hex colour you can fill this in. Leaving these blank will fill in the xSellco default colour scheme.

Brand main colour - The top banner of the application
Secondary colour - Accent colours mainly buttons
Background colour - The full background colour of the application under the banner.
Default text colour - Majority of text in the application
Link colour - Any text that links to another page.
Default font size - Here you can choose the text size from tiny, small, normal, large, extra large and XXL. Our default setting in in between small and normal.
Font type - You can choose from Arial, Roboto, Roboto Condensed, Roboto Slab, Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed, Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Ubuntu, Lato, Raleway and Titillium Web
Table cell spacing - Here you can the size of spacing in any tables like your inbox where your messages are displayed or your folders. Here you can choose from tiny, small, normal, large, extra large and XXL.



Enabled Channels
Here you can see which channels you have access to.
Auto select reply to a template
Once you have templates created you can choose to auto populate them into your reply. The template that will populate will be the first one to match the criteria in alphabetical order. To learn more about templates click here.
Languages I understand
With this setting it will turn off the auto translate tool on tickets with these languages as it will not be necessary.
Here you can change the colour of your avatar.
Send me an email when someone assigns a ticket to me
This switch ensures the application will send you a notification by email when a ticket has been assigned to you.
Send me an email every time there is a new message in my assigned tickets
This switch ensures the application will send you notification by email when a ticket that you are assigned to has been updated with a message.
Default messages view
Here you can change the default views of when you click on "Messages" at the top of your account. The default is it will bring you to Open messages but you can change this to Folder summary, Open, Needs action, Waiting, Recently updated, Resolved and Onhold.
Auto assign tickets on reply
Here you can automatically assign tickets to yourself once you have replied. This means if the customer replies you will be assigned and it will appear in “My tickets”.
Deactivate auto-translation of your signature
If you have turned off the auto translate because you know that language as you you have set you may wish to not have your signature translated which this setting will provide.
Sending delay
When you are sending messages it is easy to make mistakes. If you have a delay you can ensure you can easily cancel a message if needs be.
Desktop notifications
Here you can choose for which criteria you would like to receive a desktop notification such as,  All incoming messages, Only for the tickets I’m assigned to and No notifications.
Notifications status
With this setting you can choose if you would like to turn on desktop notifications.
Allow "New Tickets" filter option
This allows another field in you messages column callled "New tickets" which will show tickets that are waiting for their first initial response. 
Message order when inside a ticket
This setting allows you to choose the default of how your messages will appear whether it be Display most recent messages on the bottom or Display most recent messages at the top.
Action after reply
Once you have replied to a ticket you can change the default of what the next action will be. You can choose Back to folder, Stay on ticket or Move to next ticket.
Show other related orders on a ticket
If this customer has purchased from you before you will be able to see previous order details within the ticket.
Search for exact phrases only by default
When using the search by default we search for every word individually but with the setting you can cahnge the default to search for the entire phrase. 
Show the ticket ID when viewing a ticket
Ticket number which is a unique number for each ticket automatically generated will be viewable beside the subject in the ticket.
Collapse reply area by default
When you enter a ticket, usually be default the reply box appears. If you would rather this be collapsed until you choose to reply this setting can be turned on to do so.
Default channel to create new tickets for
When you create a ticket instead of always looking for the channel to reply to, you can choose to have a default channel to ensure messages are always being sent from this channel.
User Email Signature
This is you unique signature for when you are replying to messages.

These are all the settings you need to customise your own account. If you have any questions about the Amazon Rules in Feedback, feel free to contact one of our repricing experts at and we’ll be happy to assist you.