As an admin you can edit your user/agent restrictions as well as their settings in general. Some of these settings are also editable by the user/agent which will have the user icon  beside them. If you are not an admin and wish to make changes to your user click here.


Editing User Breakdown


Users Section

Once created Users can be edited by following the directions as shown below.

Directions: Settings>Users

This section can only be accessed by admin users or users that have user management. To learn more about user management click here.

Here users are split into Active and Inactive.

Select a User to edit further.



The following options are available in our general settings.

First and Last name area available to fill in for the user. This will be how the user is recognised in the account. As any updates to tickets will be shown with this name. Also if you can pull in an agents name into the signature. To find out more about signatures click here.


This will be the email the user/agent will login with and is a required setting
Here you can choose which timezone this user will see the account in. Auto detect would base the timezone on the IP of the user.
Preferred Language 
If a user would like to change their language from the default English to another language. This would just change the xSellco application into the preferred language.


Showing if the user is active or not as in if they have permission to log into this account.



Here you can choose which areas a user will have access to. By default none of these option will be available to users when first created.

These options are tabs/pages available in your settings as an admin user. The name in brackets is the name the tab/page has.

Company Settings (Company Settings)
Channel Management (Channels)
User Management (Users)
Payment & Invoices (Payment)
Manage Delivery Configuration (Delivery Configuration)

These options are the tabs/pages available within the dashboard.

Sales (Orders)
Helpdesk Overview (Helpdesk>Overview)
Helpdesk Tickets (Helpdesk>Tickets)
Helpdesk Response Time (Helpdesk>Response Time)
Helpdesk Team (Helpdesk>Team)
Helpdesk Assigned Tickets (Helpdesk>Assigned Tickets)
Helpdesk Chat (Helpdesk>Chat)
Repricer (Repricer)
Feedback (Feedback)

For Helpdesks User only. Within this section you will find the ability for the user to adjust or manage the tools in the account.
Manage Templates (Templates)
Manage Labels (Folders)
Manage Custom fields (Custom Fields)
Manage Company Snippets (Snippets)
Widgets management (Widgets)
Rules management (Rules)
Chat (Chat)

Within your account you have the order tab at the top of your screen. You can choose if you wish to “Allow” you user to have access to this information.

Rules and settings - (Dispatch Locations)



You will need to have this active for the user to have access to the helpdesk. If this is not active they will still be able to login but will not be able to see any messages.
Enabled Channels
Here you can select if you would like this user to only have access to a select few channels. If you would like them to have access to all channels nothing needs to be selected as this is a default.
Auto select reply to a template 
Once you have templates created you can choose to auto populate them into your reply. The template that will populate will be the first one to match the criteria in alphabetical order. To learn more about templates click here.
Languages I understand 
With this setting it will turn off the auto translate tool on tickets with these languages as it will not be necessary.
Hide tickets in other languages
If an agent is to only deal with tickets in that language you can chose to hide any other tickets from view.
Here you can change the colour of your avatar.
Upload a new photo 
If you wish to change your avatar to a photo you can upload this here.
Send me an email when someone assigns a ticket to me 
This switch ensure this user/agent will be notified by email when a ticket has been assigned to them.
User access folders
If you would only like this user to access certain folders you can restrict access by filling in the folders that they should only have access to. If there are no restrictions you can leave blank.

Working hours
The working hours entered here will only contribute to any rules that have the assign to user action. This will ensure tickets will only be assigned to users/agents during their working hours. The hours are set off the company timezone.


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