xSellco connects to eBay through eBay's API. As a verified eBay partner, we will only have secure access to limited information; we cannot access your login details or other confidential information. Instead, the connection is made via an eBay token. 

Sometimes, the token needs to be renewed if for example, it has expired or if the connection has been disabled.

You may from time to time receive an error when sending an eBay message and a Retry Send button will appear. eBay can also disable the token as a security measure to ensure that the 3rd party software connected to your account is still in use. 

This guide will walk you through the process of renewing the token. 


To renew your eBay API access, navigate to the Settings tab in your account. Next, go to Channels in the left-side navigation bar. Click on the eBay channel and click on the "Renew access" button. You will now be prompted to sign in with your eBay credentials to re-establish your connection.


Success, you're now sorted! If you would like any further assistance place contact our support team at support@xsellco.com