To ensure your agents can collaborate to resolve customer queries quickly and accurately, they can escalate and assign tickets to other agents. Also with internal notes you can leave messages to share information. Then with our collision detection we can see if an agent is handling a ticket.


Collaboration Breakdown


Assign agents

A ticket can be assigned to another user
by opening a message and selecting an
agent to assign from the panel on the
right hand side as shown below.

When the assigned user logs in they
will see their assigned messages
in a their dedicated  inbox “My tickets”.

If you would also to receive an
email when someone assigns a
ticket to you, you can turn on
this setting in Settings>General
>Account Settings>Helpdesk

To learn more about your user settings click here.


Internal notes

These can be used to describe the action required which you can also attach an agent to by using @

This will attache the agent to the ticket and leave a note in the thread only visible to your agents.


Collision detection

If another agent is currently viewing a ticket you can view this before entering the ticket.
To see which of your agents this is you can hover over to view.


Also within a ticket you will see if any agents are viewing this ticket

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