Once you have created and customized your chat widget you will need to ensure your agents/users have access to chat and update any further permissions required. If you have not created your widget please take a look at this guide here.


Activate Live Chat Breakdown



When chat is enabled, only Admins will be able to access the chat functionality. To allow your agents to have access to chat this setting must be added in their permissions. Follow the directions below to get to user settings.

Directions: Settings>Users

Then select you user and click the Permissions tab. Once in Permissions you you see many options you can edit for this client. To learn more about these permissions you go to the guide by clicking here. The chat option can be found under Helpdesk.

Directions: Select User>Permissions>Helpdesk>Chat

Once ticked ensure you select “Save Changes”

Once an agent is enabled by the Admin, the agent can go to 'settings' on their account to make personal adjustments as shown below.


User/Agent Options

Each User/Agent has the ability to control the volume of incoming live chats, how long their account will time out to away as well as inputting their own online and offline hours. To make these adjustments follow the directions below.

Directions: Settings>Account Settings>Chat

Max concurrent chats
This field will control how many live chats can come through to a user at a time. If you have joined over this number of chats, you'll be automatically marked as being busy. This will also be used to limit the flow of new chats.

Away time out
Here you can select the amount of time you will stay online for during inactivity, before you are set to away.

Online working hours
Here you can set the times we will automatically set you online to chat as long as you are actively working and have not maxed your chats or you away time. Please note if you login outside of these hours you will NOT be automatically be set online.


Online Status

Even though you may have set your working hours sa mentioned above you can overwrite your status in your account if needs be.

From the top navigation bar, select the dropdown on the right beside your avatar. From the menu, select 'Online' or 'Offline' to change your status.

Online: when set to online, you will see a green dot appear beside your avatar
Offline: when offline, a grey dot will appear on your avatar

Got questions about activating xSellco Live Chat? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact us at support@xsellco.com.