The Bulk Uploads feature in Repricer allows you to download and upload segments of your inventory or your entire inventory. This is carried out by using a .csv file and is an easy way to add min and max pricing for individual products in bulk.

Some features in this document use Repricer Ultimate features. They will be represented with a  U

Important Information

  • Always remember to upload this file as a .csv

  • Make sure the required headers match those in our template

  • Make sure every cell is filled

  • Amazon limit us to retrieving a maximum of 10 items per second


Breakdown of using .csv files

Updating products in bulk with exact configuration

The bulk actions tool can be accessed as follows.

Directions: Dashboard>Repricer>Bulk Uploads

Select Download CSV template to view your products that have been uploaded automatically from your Amazon store into xSellco.

You should be able to open and edit this file in any spreadsheet application . examples: Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets.


Updating selected products

To download the CSV for a select group of products, go to the Products page and click the filter drop-down button to show the different options.

Once you’ve filtered the products you wish to have included on your CSV file, click the drop-down arrow in the blue “Bulk Actions” button and select “Download CSV template”.

Directions: Product page>Search bar arrow>Add Filter>Advanced Search> Bulk actions>Download CSV template

To learn more about advanced filters click here.


Use another spreadsheet of your products

If you already have a spreadsheet with all of your products then you just have to check two options and you are ready to upload.

  • Make sure the headings match those in our templates. The required Headers are as follows:
    sku - This is pre-populated with the SKU that you use on Amazon.
    marketplace - The marketplace in which the product is sold (e.g. AUK is Amazon UK).
    merchant_id - Your Amazon Merchant/Seller ID. You will find this in the URL of your Amazon storefront. It will look something like this:
    price_min - The minimum landed price (shipping included) that you are prepared to sell at. Enter this in the local currency for each marketplace. This is only used with min/max pricing. If you wish to use margin-based pricing then set this to a safe, high value.
    price_max - The maximum landed price (shipping included) that you want to sell at. In the absence of any competition, this price will apply. Enter this in the local currency for each marketplace.
    repricer_name - The name of the repricer rule that wish to apply to this SKU. The names of your repricers can be found in the My Repricers section of the dashboard under Name. An inactive repricer can also be specified here.
    unit_cost - This is the product purchase price. This figure is needed to calculate your profits. U
    unit_currency - This is the currency used to purchase the product (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, CAD). Conversion rates are automatically updated each day to preserve your margins. U

  • Ensure your file is saved as a .csv file.


Upload in 2 easy ways

  • Simply Drag and drop.

  • Select and add to upload.

If you seen the green notification message as displayed above your upload is complete.


Tips on how to use this tool

Tip #1 Additional Headers

Add more headers to your .csv file so you can use the data to configure your products that bit more. You can add the following:

Sales Rank - The sales rank captures the items popularity in its category.
Product Name - Title of product as listed in Amazon.

Directions: Settings>Repricer>Bulk Upload File Fields

Tip #2 Smart Filter

Use your spreadsheet application to sort through your products. The following examples below are given in google sheets. Products can be sorted in most applications by selecting a smart filter and from here you can look at a high to low seller count and adjust prices as necessary.

Tip # 3 Costs in Currency U

In Repricer Ultimate you can set your costs which calculate your min/max prices in different currencies. Set your costs in USD, EUR or GBP and we'll take care of daily currency fluctuations using European Central Bank daily rates.

What about Bulk actions? Yes but in bulk actions you can only update a percentage or amount on your current price.)
Find out more about this here…

If you have any questions about csv files or the Bulk Upload tool, then you can contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.