The auto-translation feature in your xSellco Helpdesk allows you to speak to customers in their own language quickly and easily. View all incoming messages in your own language and automatically translate your reply into your customer’s language before sending.

You can now respond to your international queries in less time, and avoid delayed response times by no longer leaving international messages to last. Auto-translation in xSellco helpdesk is the easiest way to increase your global sales without the cost of hiring multilingual agents, so you can focus on growing your business!


Auto-translation breakdown


Configure auto-translation

To ensure your account translates messages into your preferred language. You will need to set your preferred language in xSellco.

Here you can select which language you would like to view to your xSellco helpdesk interface in. All translated messages will be translated into your preferred language by default.

Follow the directions below to set your preferred setting.

Directions: Settings>Account Settings>General>Preferred language

Once you have this setting configured you can adjust if you would know any other languages. This will allow any messages in these languages to not have the auto translate feature active on these messages. Follow the directions below to add any other languages you would like the auto-translate NOT to activate.

Directions: Settings>Account Settings>General>Helpdesk>Languages I understand



Activating auto-translation

In your messages dashboard, your international messages will be displayed with a tag to show which language they are in.


Once you are inside a message you can use the button in the top left corner to activate or deactivate auto-translation for that message.

Directions: 3 Dots>Auto Translation

Once your ready to type your reply in your preferred language, and click the send button as normal. A pop-up box will appear to give you the option to edit your translated message before sending. Once you are happy with your message select yes.

You can also automatically translate any of your templates by selecting a template and clicking send. Again, the pop-up box will appear to allow you to make any necessary edits. If you already have templates in other languages, they will be visible in the template drop down to select.

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