A rule helps you to group your customers together, so you can send them messages specific to what they have ordered. As an example, your rule can help you target particular groups of customers of certain products, in certain geographic areas, with certain order values.

Amazon Sample Rule Breakdown

Getting to Rules

Once in our Feedback tab we can navigate to 'Rules and Messages' from the page menu on the left side.

Directions: Feedback>Rules and Messages


Create Template Rule

You can then select which of your added marketplaces you would like to add the rule too. Whether that be Amazon, eBay.

Click "+ Create new rule", in the top right corner to begin to create your rule.

Directions: Scan through marketplaces and select “+Create new rule”

A pop up will appear and here you can choose if you would like to choose a our default template rule or create a blank rule.

Selecting our default rule will apply to all of your channels in your chosen marketplace and add 3 messages to send out to your customers at different times. Templates can be edited to your own personal preference.

To learn more about all of the features in Amazon Rules and Messages click here.



While the rule will be active the messages inside will need to be activated manually. All of the messages in our templates have already been translated by our language team (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) but the default message is English. Each message has a goal when reaching the customer and certain settings to ensure it is sent at the current time during the order.

Message 1 (Order Placed)
- Thank customer for purchasing the product.
- Any product queries direct back to Amazon product page.
- Any further questions reply to this email.
0 days after order placed but no more than 1 day after that time. (send as soon as received)

Message 2 (Feedback Request)
- Thank customer for purchasing the product.
- Request Seller Feedback.
- Any queries or issues reply to this email.
5 days after order dispatched but no more than 1 day after that time. (send 5 days after dispatched assuming delivery takes 3 days)
Also only send to to users that have not left existing feedback.

Message 3 (Product Request)
- Thank customer for purchasing the product.
- Request Product Feedback
7 days after order dispatched but no more than 9 days after that time. (send 7-9 days after dispatched assuming this is enough time to leave a product review)

To activate these messages select the “Activate this message for sending” switch at the end of these messages.



The rule itself will target orders based on your filters. The rule has to match the order first before a message will match. Here you can target orders based on the following:

Channels, Order, Product, Fulfillment and Destination.

In our sample we by default target all channels. Also you can see their is a filter icon over the order filter which indicates that we have a setting filled there also.

This setting “Ordered between” ensures this rule will only match orders from todays date. We can remove or backtrack the date if we want to target historical orders.

To learn more about the settings in Amazon rules you can view our guide here.

If you have any questions about the Amazon Sample Rules in Feedback, feel free to contact one of our repricing experts at support@xsellco.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.