A rule helps you to group your customers together, so you can send them messages specific to what they have ordered. As an example, your rule can help you target particular groups of customers of certain products, in certain geographic areas, with certain order values.


Important Information

  • Disable the tool “Grammerly” if you happen to use it. This breaks the formatting of our messages and can cause issues sending to Amazon.

  • Each order can only match one rule


Amazon Rule Breakdown

Getting to Rules

Once in our Feedback tab we can navigate to 'Rules and Messages' from the page menu on the left side.

Directions: Feedback>Rules and Messages


Create Rule

You can then select which of your added marketplaces you would like to add the rule too. Whether that be Amazon, eBay.

Click "+ Create new rule", in the top right corner to begin to create your rule.

Directions: Scan through marketplaces and select “+Create new rule”

A pop up will appear and here you can choose if you would like to choose a our default template rule or create a blank rule.

In this guide we will select “Create a blank rule”.
To learn more about sample templates click here.

Creating a blank rule will give you the opportunity to start a rule and create messages from scratch.




First when we create our rule we need to create the first message we will have attached to this rule with the following settings:

Choose the language this message will written in. This will link to when an order comes in, in a different language this will be sent.
Enter an eye catching subject to grab your customers attention.
When entering your message try and ensure you have laid out goals for this message to ensure the engagement rate is high.
REMEMBER Snippets can be used  with a # to pull in customer information. 
Adding attachments can be the step from an automated email to personalised customer success for a customer.
When to sent … but not more than
Choosing when to send is very important as you want to ensure the message corresponds to whether their order has arrived or not.
On-time delivery
Here we can choose if the order dispatched on date matches your delivery configuration. Based on this we can choose if the delivery was dispatched on time or not.
Order Tracking
If your orders have tracking codes attached you can chose for the message to only send if these tracking codes are available.
Send on these days
Sending your message only on certain days of the week can ensure it will be read. Here you can select which days of the week you would like this message to go out on.
Send to users with existing feedback
Here you can choose whether to message customers that have not left feedback or have left 1-3 stars.
Send only between these times
Similar to sending to customers on specific days you can choose to only send at certain times.
Send to users that have tickets [HELPDESK users only]
You can select whether or not to send messages depending on whether they have previously corresponded with you as in if they don’t have any tickets for the order, if they don’t have any open tickets for the order or if they don’t have any tickets at all.

Activate this message for sending
Finally we will need to activate this message to send out to orders that match the filters. Also note no messages will be sent out until we complete the next step of creating the rules.



Once we have our first message created we can edit our rule. Your rule title will be the suject you created with your first message. You can edit this at the top of the screen.

The rule itself will target orders based on your filters. The rule has to match the order first before a message will match. Here you can target orders based on the following


Specify which of your channels (i.e. marketplaces) you want the message to go to. For example, if you have channels in multiple regions with different languages, you may not want to send a message in English.
Apply this rule to all channels - this ensures all channels in this marketplace will fit inside this rule.
Select channels to include in this rule - you must turn off the option above to select your channels individually.


Ordered between - This will target specific orders that were ordered between these dates. This is commonly used to target orders at a certain date and after.
Order value - If you would like to target orders by value this filter will assist when the order is within your chosen range.
Returning customers - Sometimes you may wish to target customers who have purchased before. This field allows you to target specifically 1st purchase, 2nd purchase, 3rd purchase and 4th purchase onwards. For example if they are a regular customer you may not want to continually send them the same message.
Order percentage - If you would like to gradually introduce messaging to your customers the order percentage will target the amount of orders you wish to send.For example, if you set it to 50%, that means xSellco Feedback will select 50% of your customers at random to receive the message.  However if you set up 2 rules that have identical conditions, but different mail contents and you set them to 50%/50% you'll see which mail performs better regarding the positive feedbacks as in half of your orders will use one rule, the other will use the other one.


Product condition - Here you can choose one or more of the product conditions like, New, Used like new, Used very good, Used good, User acceptable, Refurbished.
Product name - You can send a tailored message depending on the name of the product ordered. This filter allows you to do so by selecting begins with, does not begin with, contains, does not contain, ends with, does not end with, exactly matches, does not exactly match, matches regular expression, does not match regex.
Product SKU - Then if you would like to target the SKU of products his filter allows you by selecting begins with, does not begin with, contains, does not contain, ends with, does not end with, exactly matches, does not exactly match, matches regular expression, does not match regex.
Product Asin - Here we can target an ASIN or multiple ASINs. Just separate these fields with a comma. AMAZON ONLY


Fulfilment method - Here you can choose if an order is FBA or merchant fulfilled. AMAZON ONLY
Shipment service level - If you have the option of different service levels you can choose between Standard and Expedited.


Country - Here you can target customers country on their delivery address. You can can choose from must be one of these or must not be one of these.
State and region - Similar to the above here you can enter the state code or name of the region you wish to target.


Save and edit

Once you have edited your settings you will need to ensure both your Rule is active and the messages you wish to send are active.

Then when you are happy you can select save changes

To edit any rule or messages you will need to select the rule and then make and edits to the rule and messages as you like.

As the rules are listed make sure you list them in order of preference from top to bottom, as xSellco feedback will determine which rule takes precedence based on where they rank in this list.


If you have any questions about the Amazon Rules in Feedback, feel free to contact one of our repricing experts at support@xsellco.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.