Step 1: Connect your Shopify store

  • Log in to your shopify store. Also log in to your xsellco account. You'll need to be logged in to both so we can connect them together.
  • While logged into your xSellco account, click on the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner and select ‘Add Channel’.


  • Select Shopify from the channel logos. 
  • Click ‘Authorize xSellco’ to allows us to integrate with your Shopify store. Don’t worry, xSellco will only have access to your messages and customer order information; we cannot access your login details or any other confidential information.
  • Next, you will be redirected to your Shopify store. Enter your store’s web URL.
  • Note: If you havent logged into your shopify account, you'll be brought to shopify's apps page: Click 'Get' on this page. Don't worry, you dont have to pay here, it will just bring you to the Shopify login page where you can login easily.


  • Click ‘Update app’ in order to allow xSellco to integrate with your Shopify store. Next, you will be redirected to your xSellco setup.


Step 2: For Helpdesk, Set up Email Forwarding

You don't need to do this step if you're using our Feedback or Repricer products... but if you're using Helpdesk, you'll need to configure your email settings. 

Your Shopify store is now connected to xSellco. The next step is to set up email forwarding from the email address connected to your Shopify account so that xSellco can receive incoming messages.

  • Check that the email address in the box is the correct support email address connected to your Shopify store, and select ‘Next’.
  • In the next step, click the green box to copy your xSellco email address.


  • In a separate window, go to your email client and paste this as the forwarding address in your email forwarding settings.

If you would like step by step instructions on forwarding email within your email client, click the “Show me how” button.

Step 3: Complete the setup

  • Once you have pasted the forwarding address in your email client, select ‘Next’. If you are forwarding email within Google or Yahoo, they will send an email in order to verify your new forwarding address. This message will be displayed in the next step for you.
  • Follow the verification process for your email client.
  • Once the verification process has been completed successfully in your email client, select ‘Next’ in your xSellco account.

If you have made it to the verification step, but would like instructions to ensure that you complete the process correctly, click here for Gmail or Yahoo forwarding instructions. Office 365 email clients (Hotmail, Exchange, Outlook, MSN) do not have a verification process.

If everything has gone smoothly, your Shopify setup will be a success. However, if you receive the ‘Verification failed’ window, click the ‘Need instructions’ link for troubleshooting instructions.

Got questions regarding your Shopify integration? Our dedicated support team will be happy to help, contact us at