As soon as you connect your eBay store to xSellco helpdesk you will be able to receive and respond instantly to customer support queries directly from the xSellco helpdesk dashboard.

Follow the process below for adding all your eBay channels to xSellco helpdesk.

Step 1:

  • While logged into your xSellco account, go to the right side of the main navigation bar and click Add > Add Channel. 
  • Select the eBay logo from the Channels listed to proceed with your setup.


Step 2

  • Select your eBay marketplace and authorize xSellco to direct your messages and order information into your dashboard. You will then be redirected to eBay.


  • Enter your login details and continue to log into your eBay account.
  • Click the ‘Agree’ button to allow xSellco to gain access to your eBay account. Don’t worry, xSellco cannot access your seller passwords or other secure information. We only have rights to direct your eBay customer messages to your centralized xSellco dashboard.


  • You will now be re-directed back to your xSellco setup. Select ‘Done’ to complete the process.

Once you have successfully completed the setup you will be able to send and receive messages from your eBay account from within your xSellco dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding your eBay integration we’ll be happy to help. Get in touch with us at