Support email for your Magento websites

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The power of xSellco Helpdesk integrates with Magento websites. Order details are shown beside each query, just like Amazon and eBay, and you can leverage templates and SmartTags to speed your replies.


How to set up your website support channels

Click Add Channel at Settings > Magento and fill in each field appropriately.


Support email for your Magento Websites (1)

Use a separate channel for each website that you manage. The website details use the following format:

Support email for your Magento Websites (2)


Include https:// and the trailing slash for the Hostname. The WSDL is a technical file that provides details on how to fetch orders from your website. Your website developer will know where it is located. Typically it is one of the following:


For the API Username you need to create such a user in your Magento website. Log in as administrator in order to do that.

Note: The Magento API user needs full access. Set Resource Access to All.


Finally you need to enable xSellco Helpdesk and forward your support email to the xSellco Helpdesk Email address provided. Support email for your Magento Websites (3)

All email responses will use the Email from address that you specify.



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