Why create a rule?

A rule helps you to group your customers together, so you can send them messages specific to what they have ordered.

As an example, your rule can help you target particular groups of customers of certain products, in certain geographic areas, with certain order values. 


How to create a new rule?

  • Navigate to 'Rules and Messages' from the page menu on the left side.
  • If you have more than one marketplace connected to Feedback, select which marketplace you want to create a rule for. A marketplace is eg: Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc.
  • Click "+ Create new rule", on the top right corner. 
  • A pop up appears! Choose if you want to "create a new blank rule" or "create a marketplace rule from a template".
    • Creating a new rule from a template will automatically create a rule and give you 3 template messages to get you started.
      • Each template message is available in different languages eg: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
      • You can view, edit, delete and activate these messages easily.
    • Creating a blank rule will give you the opportunity to start a rule and create messages from scratch.


Creating a blank rule:

  • Select the language of the message you're typing. You must specify the language.
  • Give your message a subject. This is the subject line of the email that the customer will receive. You must give your message a subject.
  • Enter the text of the message you want to send to the customer.
    • Use # to add a smart tag eg: #customer_name# 
    • Write your message in different languages. Use the '+ Add New Translation' button.
  • Update the message settings. By default we send all days, all times, to everybody. You can restrict that, if you want.
  • Activate!
  • Save!
  • Then you'll be brought to the Rules page.
    • Give your rule a name.
    • Edit the rule settings.
    • You can add another message here too.


Creating a new rule from template:

  • Give your rule a name. We've called it 'Default Rule' for you, but you might want to change that!
  • We've given you 3 inactive messages to get you started. Click 'edit' to view/edit a message.
    • All template messages are inactive when you start. This means that they are not being sent to customers. You need to edit and activate each message if you want it to send.


Rule settings and filters are available at the bottom half of the screen.

Just so you know, we have not added any filters to the rule! This means that we'll send the associated messages of the rule to all your channels/orders/products etc.

In this section, you can restrict your rule to target particular channels/orders/products to receive messages.

As an example, we'll send to all your channels by default. If you want particular messages to be sent to a particular channel, just select the channel you want to target.


Activate your Rule!

  • For a message to send, the rule AND message need to be activated. 
  • When a rule is activated, the associated active messages will be sent. The inactive messages will not be sent.
  • When a rule is inactive, all of the rule's associated messages will not be sent. Even if a message is marked as active, the inactive rule status will override this and the message will not send.


Rule Tips!

  • Rules should be created separately for each marketplace (amazon/ebay etc).

  • Each rule can only match one order.

  • Each rule can contain as many messages, languages and smart tags as you want.

  • You need to activate your rule and message!


Message Tips!

  • Disable Grammerly if you happen to use it. This breaks the formatting of our messages unfortunately. 

  • Use our template messages with language translations to create messages quickly and easily.

  • Add translations to your messages

  • Add smart tags (snippets) to your messages