A message in Feedback is the email that your customer will receive. 

Feedback allows you to create a message in a few different ways:


How to create a new rule and new message:

  • Click on the 'Rules and Messages' section, from the page menu on the left side.
  • If you have more than one marketplace connected to Feedback, select which marketplace you want to create a rule for. A marketplace is eg: Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc.
  • Click "+ Create new rule", on the top right corner. 
  • A pop up appears! Choose if you want to "create a new blank rule" or "create a marketplace rule from a template".
    • Creating a new rule from a template will automatically create a rule and give you 3 template messages to get you started.
      • Each template message is available in different languages eg: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
      • You can view, edit, delete and activate these messages easily.
    • Creating a blank rule will give you the opportunity to start a rule and create messages from scratch.


How to add a message to a rule:

  • Click on the 'Rules and Messages' section, from the page menu on the left. 
  • Choose which marketplace you want. eg: Amazon, eBay
  • Click on a rule that has already been created. The rule will open.
  • Click on the box in the middle of the screen '+New Message'.


How to create a message:

  • Select the language of the message you're typing. You must specify the language.
  • Give your message a subject. This is the subject line of the email that the customer will receive. You must give your message a subject.
  • Enter the text of the message you want to send to the customer.
    • Use # to add a smart tag eg: #customer_name# 
    • Write your message in different languages. Use the '+ Add New Translation' button.
    • Add attachments to any message even in different languages
    • Get creative! Format your message with colour, images. (Note: Formatting is not available for eBay messages)
    • If you use grammerly, disable it. This breaks xSellco's message formatting unfortunately.
  • Update the message settings. By default we send all days, all times, to everybody. You can restrict that, if you want.
  • Activate!
  • Save!



xSellco provide some templates to get you started. You can access these by clicking "+ create new rule', then choosing the default rule. 



  • Some of our message templates are translated for you in to english, french, italian, german and spanish. 
  • If you create your own message, you can create it in multiple languages.
  • To add another translation to your message click '+Add new translation' on the message screen. Then, select which language you want.
  • You can delete a langage translation by clicking the 'X' on the language tab. 
  • The default language that your message will be sent in, is visible on the list of language tabs. The default language is indicated with a star * beside the language! eg: ENG*


Message settings are available at the bottom half of the screen.

Just so you know, we have not added any filters to the message! This means that we'll send the message every day, at every time, to everybody.

In this section, you can target particular days, times and customers to receive messages.

You should specify when you want to send the message eg: 5 days after the order was placed, 10 days after the order was dispatched.



Messages will not automatically send to a customer.

  • You need to activate the message AND the rule in order for it to send. 
  • If your message is active but your rule is inactive, the message will not send. 
  • If your message is inactive and your rule is active, all message in the rule will not send. 


Want some ideas for messages you could create and send to your customers?

  • Ask for a product review to get a higher sales rank in Amazon
  • Send out a manual to ensure your customer understands your product (Attach the manual as a PDF to the message, Send 7 days after dispatch date)
  • Send message notifying the order has been dispatched. 
  • Enquire on the upkeep of the product
  • Check if your customer needs extra accessories based on the initial product they purchased.
  • Thank the customer for their purchase
  • Ask the customer for a product or company review


eBay messages

eBay messages do not allow html messages to be sent.

This means that eBay messages cannot be formatted (bold, fonts, images etc) to look as fancy as the other marketplaces unfortunately.


Add a Smart Tag (Snippet) to your message.

  • By simply typing # in your message, you'll see a list of lots of smart tags you can add. 
  • The information that populates in the email we send to the customer is related to the specific order, so you you dont need to search for order specific details! 
  • As an example, include the smart tag #customer_first_name#. If your customer's first name is John, he will receive a personalised message with his name John written in the text. 
  • We've created lots of smart tags for you, and you can add more too it to save you time in the future! 


Sample smart tags available for you are:


Tag Description Sample value
#customer_full_name# Customer's full name John Smith
#customer_first_name# Customer's first name John
#customer_surname# Customer's surname Smith
#customer_user_name# Customer's marketplace user name Johns89
Tag Description Sample value
#order_id# Marketplace order id 123-4567890-1234567
#marketplace# Marketplace name Amazon
#shipping_address# Order's shipping address John Smith 15 - 17 Percy Place Dublin 4 Ireland
#billing_address# Order's billing address John Smith 15 - 17 Percy Place Dublin 4 Ireland
#shipping_carrier# The carrier of the shipment UPS
#shipping_tracking# Shipment tracking code 1Z88F42857152837588
#ordered_date# Time the order was placed at 1 July 2015
#dispatched_date# Time the order was dispatched at 2 July 2015
#estimated_delivery_date# Date the order is estimated to deliver 6 July 2015
#product_name# Product name of the first order line item GoPro HERO
#product_sku# Product SKU of the first order line item C9-GPH
#product_id# Product marketplace id of the first order line item (ASIN or ePID) B00NIYNUXO
#ordered_quantity# Ordered quantity of the first order line item 1
#product_price# Unit price of the first order line item $129.99
#shipping_price# Price paid for shipping $0.00
#total_price# Total order price $129.99
Tag Description Sample value
#product_link# Link to the first order line item's product page http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDHA-301-HERO/dp/B00NIYNUXO
#product_review_link# Link to the first order line item's product review page https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review?asin=B00NIYNUXO
#feedback_link# Seller feedback link https://www.amazon.com/gp/feedback/leave-customer-feedback.html/?order=123-4567890-1234567&pageSize=1
#order_link# Link to the customer's order on the marketplace website https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/summary/edit.html?orderID=123-4567890-1234567
#store_link# Link to the channel's store front page http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main?marketplaceID=&seller=
#unsubscribe_link# Link for the customer to unsubscribe from future feedback solicitation emails https://customer.xsellco.com/feedback/unsubscribe/NlR7d3T1STk_